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Live Exploration and Mining Of a Non-trivial Amount of Data from Everywhere


Data Science aims to systematize processes and practices to explore, analyze and generate models that enable description, prediction and prescription based on diverse data. Overall, it targets better performance and efficacy of organizations and life quality of both citizens and societies. Data Science models and transforms data towards supporting decision making, through computational thinking tasks.

In general, performing Data Science tasks is often complex and demands knowledge in very specific areas, including statistics, machine learning and massive data processing. However, data scientists may not be proficient in all these areas, but mostly in the original data domain. In order to support them in such tasks, we present LEMONADE (Live Exploration and Mining Of a Non-trivial Amount of Data from Everywhere), a platform for visual design, implementation and execution of data science workflows.

Create a Processing Workflow

LEMONADE allows you to create and customize workflows from scratch. There are several operations and filters already integrated to the platform so that you are able to manipulate and model your data by simply adding functionality boxes to your workflow through an easy and intuitive drag-and-drop process.

Import, Export or Manage Datasets

All your data may be uploaded in different formats to the platform for proper handling. You may manage the uploaded datasets and later on you may export the resulting data on several formats.

Execute and Manage Existing Workflows

All your workflows are manageable, so you may access, create, edit or delete them at any time. You may also monitor the progress of a workflow that is being executed and pause or stop it if desired.

Data Visualization

There are several visual metaphors that may be employed for a better visualization of data and models, abstracting its information as graphics and other visual metaphors.

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